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Kitchen remodel by San Francisco Based Jeanese Rowell Design

kitchen remodel in san francisco bay area

Because of the expense involved, there isn’t a better time to consult with a seasoned interior designer/kitchen designer who knows the ropes and can guide you safely through the many important decisions you will need to make during your kitchen renovation. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and not unlike bathrooms, utility, esthetics, and creative use of available space are all important considerations, as well as your budget, family size, preferences, and lifestyle. Kitchen remodels can come with a wide range of price tags depending on the shape and size of the room, any structural changes that are needed, the appliances chosen, flooring, countertop, and cabinetry selected, and the amount of plumbing, electrical, and/or structural work involved. You could spend $25-30,000 for a smaller job, or you could spend a lot more!

At a designer with many kitchen remodels under my belt, I find this kind of project one of the most satisfying. My goal is to take an existing kitchen that a family hates, and turn it into their favorite room in the house! I like to start by getting to know the family I am working with. How many family members live at home, how much entertaining do they do, how many people cook at the same time, and what are their design preferences? For instance, do they like dark or light cabinetry, tile or wood flooring, natural or composite countertops, and how important is it to them that we use eco-friendly materials? I want to know what isn’t working about their current kitchen, and what them to describe their dream kitchen to me. Throughout this investigative process, we do a preliminary walk-through of kitchen design options, getting to know each other and in the process, we see to what degree my clients’ tastes and preferences, when there is more than one decision maker, are in sync with (or differ from) one another.

When we’re ready to layout the design, we prepare detailed drawings and help our client’s through the permit process. We leverage our cost saving relationships with the most responsible and skilled kitchen contractors and artisans. We help with the purchase of appliances and materials, passing on wholesale pricing whenever possible. And we oversee the work, making sure that projects come in on time and on budget, and are completed to our clients’ unqualified satisfaction.

You will be amazed what we can accomplish together as you move forward with your kitchen renovation project. Give us a call for a free consultation to get the process started.

Tackling a Bathroom Remodel and Living to Tell the Tale – Bay Area Interior Design – Jeanese Rowell

How to remopdel your bathroom

Beautiful San Francisco Interior Remodel Bathroom Project

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. The secret to creating the perfect bathroom for each individual space is to respect that space, carefully consider its use and your family’s size, and select materials that are both practical and esthetically pleasing to complement the design elements that you are using in the rest of your home. Also, a bathroom remodel needs to fit a family’s lifestyle and can come with a wide range of price tags depending on the shape and size of the room, any structural changes that are needed, the quality of materials used, toilet, tub, bathroom tile, and hardware chosen, and the amount of plumbing involved. You could spend $10-$15,000 for a medium sized job, or you could spend $30-$40,000, in some cases even more.

With such an important and sometimes daunting project, there are definite advantages to working with an experienced bathroom designer. At Jeanese Rowell Design, we make it a point to stay current on the latest bathroom design concepts, the pros and cons of various materials, and the increasing number of eco-friendly bathroom options. We also have relationships with the most cost-effective and skilled bathroom contractors and artisans. So, leveraging your designer’s experience and know-how can definitely be a plus.

One of our recent jobs is an excellent example of this. To describe “the before,” we started with a small bathroom with a very large bathtub and a tiny shower. The homeowners cared more about the shower than the tub and wanted the room to feel more spacious, with added storage and better lighting. After the remodel was done, the oversized tub was gone and bathroom elements had been reorganized for improved convenience and a better look. We installed a large shower with two water-efficient, low flow rain heads. We selected prefinished countertops especially prepared for us by a local supplier at 2/3 the cost of off-the-shelf counters. We used our trusted cabinetmaker to replace doors and build pull out bathroom cabinets placed strategically around the room, doubling the amount of storage space. And we used recessed bathroom lighting for a warm, updated look. The clients have told us that their updated bathroom is now their favorite room in the house.

When you make an important design decision for your home, you are probably going to be living with that decision for a long time, so consider letting us help you understand the many exciting options that are available to you. Because a bathroom is generally small, it often takes special creativity and expertise to “get it right.” You need the knowledge that comes from experience to successfully assemble all of the elements in a way that works in a functionally and esthetically pleasing way.

Transforming a Room with Restored, Recycled, and Custom Furniture -JR Interior Design Company San Francisco

Using Refurbished furniture to design yur new decore

Using refurbished decore in the room

I started by doing a “walk through” to see what pieces we might work with in other parts of the home. Often just moving or repurposing existing furniture is the perfect place to start when you are furnishing a new (or newly remodeled) room. If something works in its new space, you’ve solved your design challenge and haven’t spent a dime. When things don’t look right, you can at least do a lot of experimenting in your own home as you crystallize your thinking and prepare to make new furniture purchases. I also advise my clients to seriously consider restoring older, higher quality pieces so that they can continue to use them, but with a new look.

In the case of our sunroom addition, there was a well warn curved sectional in the adjoining living room where my clients wanted an updated look but had been put off by the cost of a replacement. Also, they loved the comfort of the older piece but it seemed outdated and was taking up more room than they really wanted in their living room area. They were amazed to learn that we could pull the sectional apart, remaking it into two smaller loveseat/sofas, one of which could go into their new sunroom as its first signature piece. We could also carefully select a new fabric to act as a unifying element, pulling the two rooms together in a stylishly graceful way and allowing us to position additional chairs, tables, and accessories to complete the new look.

Most people don’t know that furniture refurbishing can be done for a lot less than the cost of purchasing new furniture. This approach also helps the environment, keeping big bulky furniture pieces out of our landfills. Our couple, for example, saved about $1,000 by refurbishing and repurposing their old sectional rather than buying a new one. They saved even more by reupholstering two arm chairs to complete the look.

Do you have a treasured antique table or chair that you would love to have restored? Or a sofa that fits your space perfectly but needs refurbishing? Is there an awkward space where only a piece of custom furniture will fit? Have you seen a stunning coffee table in a magazine and would like it reproduced for your home? All of these situations lend themselves perfectly to exploring the possibilities of restored furniture, refurbished furniture, rebuilt furniture, and/or custom furniture. We do this a lot at Jeanese Rowell Design and have all of the right information at our fingertips. Just give us a call, and we would be happy to guide you through the process.

Using Window Treatments to Transform a Room – Jeanese Rowell Design – San Francisco Bay Area California

Window Coverings & Treatments JR Design

Window Covering & Window Treatments

From a design perspective, window coverings can make or break a room. And because they are often visible from outside the home, they frequently have a dual role to play.

From the homeowner’s perspective, there are so many options to choose from, it is hard to know where to begin. Are blinds best for your home? Or roman shades? Or floor to ceiling curtains? Is this an item that you can purchase online, or is it something that requires special knowledge and extra care to come out right. Can you go to your local Home Depot/department store to find what you need, or does the window you are covering need something more than that?

Custom window treatments are just what the name implies—fabrics, textures, and colors, sizes and styles, rods, swags and tie backs that are specifically assembled to complement other key design elements in your home. Will you pay a little bit more when you go the custom route? You might, but it will often be more than worth it when you see the difference a custom window covering can make. Before going for an off-the-shelf solution, consider working with a designer who can help you sort through the many options available to you and help you realize the greatest value.

At Jeanese Rowell Design, we know how to find the perfect solution for any windows in your home. No job is too large or too small! We can show you an enormous selection of fabrics that are not only beautiful, but also eco-friendly and sustainable. We can advise you about honeycomb, fabric, and natural woven shades, floor-to-ceiling curtains, custom cornices, and wooden shutters, giving you helpful tips and showing you endless pattern, style, and color options that can transform a room.

Interior Home Design for Comfortable Living

The world is full of so much beauty and interesting pieces of art. Natural beauty can never be reproduced, since nature leaves no fingerprints and only time can produce miraculous results.

Tranformational design at it's best

The elegant touch of interior room designer Jeanese Rowell

For our last and final piece for the year we wanted to leave you with an impression you can love forever.

Beautiful Interior design scapes for your home

Beautiful Interior design scapes for your home

Wishing you and your a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Inspirational Design Using Green Materials and Eco-Friendly Interior Room Design

As we saw yesterday, many types of designs can be achieved through the smart use of green or renewable materials. Energy efficiency, new design styles, environmentally safe materials can make  huge difference to your home and you budget. Let’s take a look at some other designs to start the creative juices flowing. These are more photographs shot by Rusty Reniers Photography.

Simple and elegant interior bathroom design

Simple and elegant interior bathroom design

Continued footage of some green materials used in these designs.

Interior Bathrom Design for Space and Functionality

Interior bathroom Design

Alright we’ve spent enough time here let’s get moving on to new interiors.

Transformative Interior Kitchen Design

Here is another fine example of transformative design

Beautiful Interior in the kitchen make this project look great.

The Elegant Interior Dining Room

No kitchen is complete without a grand dining room

This kitchen is so awe inspiring to us. The completed project looking exceptionally fantastic. Next we look at another great interior room design in the Bay Area.

Show Cased Green Interior Kitchen & Room Designs To Transform Your Bay Area Lifestyle

We all know that green and eco-friendly is a huge concern here in the bay area. We also know there are ton’s of new and exciting industries supporting this transformation and morphing of awareness expands further and further into mainstream society. Our focus is on environmentally friendly and functional design. Check out a few photographs of our recent designs and see how green and bright your future can be.

Interior Designs for the Kitchen

Interior Designs for the Kitchen

As we can see the kitchen redesign makes for a beautiful and open area to provide your guests comfortable, warm cozy feelings all year through.

Counters and furniture designs for Bar Room Area

Interior Room Design for the Bar Room Area

Simple elegant design let’s you showcase off your wares with style and grace. This Bar room area is perfect for a quiet time of reflection or a get together with your friends.

Redesigned Bathroom Using Renewable Materials

Bathroom design in the bay area

Not always do you need to get fancy and elegant to make a statement sometimes you can just add a little flare and style to your home for just the right expression.

The Country Kitchen

The Country Kitchen

Not always do you need to get fancy check out this cute country style kitchen. I love the natural feel of the kitchen counters and the white cabinets it’s so soothing.

Elegant dining with simplistic room design

Elegant dining with simplistic design

For more great design ideas stop by oiur website and schedule your no risk consultation today with Jeanese Rowell Design.

Our Favorite Bay Area Interior Room Designs – Kitchens, Bathroom by Jeanese Rowell Design

Well it’s Christmas week here in the city of San Francisco and families are getting ready to make their journeys to friends, family and unexplored destinations this Christmas season. If you have noticed there has been quite a chill in the air and it’s been unusually cold outside. Not to worry we’ve got just what the Doctor ordered. Here are some of our favorite Interior room designs, featuring kitchen design, bathroom design and all types of interiors. The colors will warm you and the beauty will warm your hearts and fire up your inspiration for the new year.

Sit back and enjoy this short burst of sunshine to melt away those frozen, bone chilling, cold winter winds and curl up inside by the fire in your living room. Grab a blanket, a warm cup of cocoa and imagine your dream home with customs interiors by design by JR Design.

Tips For Finding Affordable Interior Design Consulting Services – Jeanese Rowell Design – San Francisco, Bay Area

San Francisco Interior Design Consulting

Interior Design Planning and Consulting

Money is in short supply these days, and we all want to get “the biggest bang for our buck.” If you’re like most homeowners, you have a whole list of improvements that you would like to make to your home, but in deference to these tough economic times, you might need to work on just one improvement at a time? Would you like to remodel a bathroom? Improve the lighting in your home? Reface kitchen cabinets? Landscape the front yard? If you have a laundry list of remodeling “to dos” but can only really afford do tackle one at a time, which one would it be? And how would you go about getting the most satisfying end result for the fewest dollars?

Here’s what I recommend to my clients. First, you’re to be commended for the approach that you’re taking.  It is much better to move carefully and thoughtfully, rather than to try to do too much and sacrifice quality. Start by reviewing and prioritizing your home improvement “wish list.” Which item will give you the most pleasure when it is completed? Which seems to best fit your available budget?

Next, consult with a trusted interior design professional who can help you explore possibilities and lay out a plan. Right away, you will be surprised about how much you can accomplish when you leverage a highly knowledgeable expert’s innovative thinking, design expertise, fresh ideas, and cost saving network of manufacturers and skilled artisans.

At Jeanese Rowell Design, we help our clients develop a comprehensive plan for each project, lay out a reasonable timeline, and suggest ways to implement home improvement projects in phases, when needed. We can help you through the permit process. We can tell about your “green” decorating and design options. We can prepare interior design finishing plans that include color panels, lighting designs, window coverings, and customer furniture. We can create overall solutions for kitchen and bath remodels, cabinetry and flooring work, entertainment systems, landscape design, and more.

Final Thoughts for Your Redesign

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